Why does perfume smell good?

How is this related to organic chemistry?

Perfume contains esential oil, Which is a lipid.A lipid is a organic molecule that does not disolve in water.Lipids are very large molecules.  Also, perfume consists around 85% ethyl alcohol and essential oils is the rest. Alcohol is a Hydro Carbon and is a medium sized molecule

How is this related to CHNOPS?

Essential oils are in perfume,and they are a lipid. Lipids are made of CHO,wich are found in plants. Plants are in essential oils,and without CHNOPS there would be no plants and no essential oils and that means no perfume.

Why are molecules important and how are they related?

Plants are made of both small and large molecules and, plants are in perfume,

ph level.

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The regular PH level of perfume ranges between 5 and 7. That makes perfume an acid or nuetral.
1-6= acid
7= nuetral

What's Nutritional about Perfume?
You can make perfume with rose hips which has a natural source of vitamin C. Rose hips also have Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Magnesium, and is very low in Sodium. They also have a good dietary Fiber source.